Saturday, April 10, 2010

YEAH Baby^^love u much much oh~ promise u tht i would never ever leaves u ^^ i swear it with my life~u know why?i'd been tried before living without u for one week,Gosh~~ it's terrible than i expect~really need u every moment~ u're just like a tree and i was the Fruits~without ur absorbsion of water i will dry~ similar with our relationship~ it became rough when we both quarrel or misunderstanding~ i admit tht some of those misunderstanding comes from me, sorry for my lackness of confidence with u last time~ i belive tht my confidence has grown stronger and wider nowdays =D baby i'm lucky tht i got u~ u're perfect for me and no one can compare v u =) this is a huge present from GOD for me~ i would never forget his creature and his bleesing toward all His diciples =) Love u GOD ~ last but not least~ baby we still have to walk towards our bright future by holding each other's hand together~ no matter wht happen to us promise me tht u'll never leave me alone yeah ~ muahxx~ LOVE YOU ETERNITY^^

Lao Gong

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