Thursday, April 22, 2010

Now the times had comes to 5 and i was finished my work and went back home for shower~ her mum decided to go Sunway at night for shopping~ i was very happy coz i can spend my time with baby =) unfortunately i'd forgot tht she still angry v me =( very sad and dunno wht to do~ she did talked to me but she never looked at me when talking!! aikss~ kinda miserable for me T_T when we was about to go out, her dad ran to us and asked baby to helped him took out handphone from toilet hole o.O i straight away walked to the toilet and attempted to hook out the phone~ can feel some pebbles inside it xD kidding laa~ however i'd success to carry the phone out and passed it to her dad~ baby staring at me v sweet smile, gosh i was definately delighted with her smile =D its trenmendous~ love it ~ but just a short while, she turned into angry face few seconds later !! LoL~ really dun understand her tempered.... we went sunway after that and starting our shopping hour,our relationship recovered slowly when we chatting at the top floor of shopping mall~ she dislike i speak loud with her,sorry baby i promised i would never did it again =( after that we met up v her mum and i spend ice-cream for baby and her brother~ they seems to be enjoyed v the ice-cream~Thanks God for everything~ it backs to usual and i've determined tht never hurt baby again~ I LOVE YOU LAO PO~


lao gong

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