Monday, April 12, 2010

SweEt Couples Forever^^ just wanna share something about us=) ermm~ last saturday we were having a very hard time 2gether~ we both having cold war for certain affair =.= everything is caused by me~ it's me..... Gosh hate myself for being so Bad tempered :( sorry baby i've wrong~the morning when i went to work i give baby a morning call, because she's having belly dance at 11.30am. she still angry v me about last night's problems~ however i cant do anything since i was still working~ just accept the truth that i'm wrong T_T her dad fetch her back from studio at 1pm,before that her mum did called me and asked me go over her house to take my lunch together~ i was too confidence that she's getting better that time,until the moment she reached home,i attempted to carry bottle from her she ignored me and just walked inside without speaked to me.. Gosh i was totally run out of my mind =( really sad that time...i tried to talked to her but she din looked at me at all~ at this moment i had made a decision that's leaved her house and gave her some time.. i left the house right after i finished the sour Orange's juice made by her brother and mum~i really dislike the feeling when we having cold war T__T its really suffering and i dunno how i goin to express my feelings on that moment~ wanna shout straight in the workshop? it cant be =( i love u much baby~ sorry for everything that caused by m3 =( Love you~ To be continue....

lao gong

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