Tuesday, March 23, 2010

U and m3 =)

Our relationship had comes to 1 year and 7months~it's a Longest relationship in my life~ althought we both still young but we've faced various of obstacles that almost drag us into the grave~no matter how,we'd still go through it with the BLESSING of GOD and oso MIRACLE's WORK from GOD~ his name will be lifted higher by all his deciples~i admit within this 1year and 7months i've struggling in jealousity and oso childishness thinking~tht's just becoz she's Good looking and kinda lots of boy is aiming for her~still remembered tht i been warned by her fren to broke up v her ~their threatening was horrible and i was very afraid tht they would do anything between me and her~i pray and pray and pray~yet God Listened to my pray and HE took away all those guy who tried to threatening me!! it just like a big stone on my head~Phew finally GOD has throw it away =D Thks GOD~ sometimes i was thinking tht i'm too fortunate to have a lovely girl fren like u~u've brightening my life and u makes me wanna strive harder for our future,u oso makes me started to do preparation before i goin for examination,i'm glad to have u baby~definately i wont leave u till my last breathe i swear =) u're a special gift from GOD to me..i love u much =) i wish we could get blessing from all those ppl around us ,bcoz those blessing will lead our future even brighter and magnificence =]

lao gong

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